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But Trump is a business man. He know well how to customize the different class of people. (:

Moderate Democrat

I had been wondering about your take on the election. Unfortunately, I can't share your enthusiasm for Trump or Bernie. Trump is easy: he has little filter and decided a while back to take on the political mantle of George Wallace, blending a certain level of populism with dog-whistle racism. A few weeks back, I recently re-read Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 1972" (a pithy read for this year in particular). One(of the many)things that struck me was that when HST was speaking with supporters at a Wallace rally (in Wisconsin - imagine that!) was they said almost word for word what Trump's supporters say about him. I don't see a billionaire who has shown little care for any kind of economic justice as anyone who'll stick up for the average worker. Especially since Trump has a history of stiffing his subcontractors (through bankruptcy declarations). He's PT Barnum.

Bernie is more problematic, mostly because I like what he says and want to like the guy. Part of my issue is his supporters: remember liberals (think 70s and 80s particularly) who you just wanted to punch when they opened their mouths? They're back, and by and large are supporting Bernie. And enthusiastically assenting to "9/11 was an inside job", and comparing Hillary to Nixon (she's a sellout, but not patently evil). I suspect that over 90% of the folks who back BDS are in for Bernie.

There is also a nagging voice that says Bernie in office could be another Jimmy Carter: what I mean by that is that Carter came to Washington with his "Georgia mafia" which didn't care to understand how things actually get done in Washington, and accomplished very little by pissing off potential allies. Bernie has very little to show for his time in the Senate, doesn't put in the time to campaign for people "down the ticket", and if you think today's Republican party had trouble working with Obama, how much do you expect they'll work with a self-avowed Socialist?

I'm curious to hear your takes on this.


Norton--not really sure what you mean. Could you elaborate?


Moderate Dem--most of what I write here may very well be based on wishful thinking. When I lived in NYC in the Eighties, I remember Trump not for any racism (I don't recall him saying anything remotely racist back then) but for things like getting the Wollman Rink functioning again with his own funds. And as to Bernie, I really don't care much about his pie-in-the-sky programs, which will probably never get past a hostile Congress. I do care about the fact that he's brought income inequality front and center, and that's important. A big swath of the American electorate is just plain dumb--how much in the way of smarts does it require to realize that the Tea Party element (Cruz, Walker et al.) exists only to funnel money from the poor to the very, very rich? Look at Wisconsin--the worst roads in the nation, gutted public schools, and funds diverted to the wealthy through huge tax cuts causing a $2.6 billion deficit. And all Walker has to do is repeat his talking point (note I said "point," not "points") which is that UNION THUGS are STEALING MONEY FROM YOU and THEY HAVE THINGS THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN DREAM OF HAVING. Never mind that there are basically no functioning unions in the state (and that now includes private-sector unions, despite Walker's pledge in 2011 to "partner" with them). Walker keeps trotting out this Trojan horse, and the voters keep falling for it.

For the rest of us, who see that Wall Street and oligarchs like the Koch brothers are actually calling all the shots for the Tea Party (and for Hillary, should she get the nomination), we have to hope for a change in the status quo. Like I wrote above, I don't want to see a violent revolution in this country. I want us to simply address what's wrong and move on.

But we can't keep trying to cover up the elephant in the room.

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