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Um, but about that 3.6bn deficit.....

Pete (Alois)

See my response to Deb under the "Fourth Reich" post. I've got it covered.

Unlike our would-be dictator, I actually finished college.


So you did, I have no way of knowing if that would do the trick, it would mean more taxes and it wouldn't tackle the problem of whether public service people should even have a union, that's a recent development and many inc FDR rejected the idea.
Meantime check out this by Bill Whittle and see if it makes sense to you.


I guess there's no point in commenting here if my comments are going to be deleted.

Pete (Alois)

Deb, I have NEVER deleted a single one of your comments, nor do I have any plans to do so in the future.

Please check other posts, or re-send the comment. According to my tracking, all your recent posts have appeared on the blog. If you need to re-send, you may rest assured that I will not delete your post.


My last comment was that I agreed with Whittle that it's the end of the beginning (of the end of public sector unions). They might win a battle here and there, but ultimately, they will go the way of terrestrial radio, or if you prefer, the horse and buggy, and it has nothing to do with politics in the end, it has to do with the type of economy we're becoming.

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