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Hitlery should not escape this by no means!
She lied! Fox News just said she lied too!
Then she has the room to accuse President Bush of misleading and getting us into a war!
What she said! How in the world can any one elect her President if she says something like this! What a scary thing! It seems to just skate by because of Barack! She had to know it was a lie, when has she EVER come under fire?! Or give a full explanation?
Then Chelsea-I'm sorry she is a spittin image of her muther! Bobbing her head and slandering the question purposed to her! It is our business! We do not need to go through it again but she could of been more useful and answer it with dignity than act like a spoiled little child! She is not immune!
Hitlery blew it though and showed her true colors! That is so beyond the pale! Unreal! Frightening! All she had to do was say she misspoke?! Another lie!

Obama is just as frightening! Especially what you wrote here! He said he should quit the race because Wright is hurting his chances! Sounds like denial to me! All three of these people are in denial!


Hillary knows if she can just hang in there long enough, Obama's campaign is going to implode, or explode take your pick. These two have to be the worst candidates since um...Kerry! Amazing how the Dhimmis keep coming up with them.

Pete (Alois)

Well, Lig, the way I see it is that all the Dhims would have to do to retake the White House is put up a candidate who loved the United States of America and wasn't a self-serving assclown.

But they don't seem to have any of those in their party anymore. Pity.

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