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Good idea as long as all Vermontians or Vermonters or whatever the hell they call themselves (I prefer the moniker "Stalinist Dumb Asses") LOSE THEIR US CITIZENSHIP FOR GOOD.

Second point - our infamous "Vermont Boob" (see our link tearing him a new one) would be OUT OF THE US NOW!

Third - We could then set up an additional Gitmo style out-of-country enemy combatant detention camp in Vermontistan. The dumb SOBs that conspired to attempt to blow up an oil depot could be housed there to be vigorously debriefed (Waterboarding - ohhhh yeah!) while awaiting their military tribunal.

Pete (Alois)

I dimly remember a place in Burlington called the "Peace Park" or "Peace Memorial" or something like that, flying the American flag with the peace sign instead of the stars.

That should be where we (or the Canadians preferably, heh) construct Gitmo North.

I love it!


Thomas Nayor called 19 muslims fanatics! No al-gaeda neo-cons-goes to communist theory..uhm..He quotes Hitler! He must admire him-neo con-communist again. All taqiyya!(religious deception)lies! Vermont.. just north, Canada is where all the al-gaeda people are.. they have open range shooting bla bla bla...Vermont does not care about laws. Children rape ect.

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