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Lovely post. An amazing man, as much for what he did as for what he didn't have in doing it...no army, no WMD, and no huge resource base. Even a pagan like me can appreciate grit and sand. He had it.


Thanks. I went through a real Catholic-bashing phase for about five or six years after my conversion, but I was unable to bash JPII. Which, in retrospect, says as much about the respect I had for the man as any of what I wrote here.


I am not Catholic but John Paul was an extraordinary man. He wanted to be like Christ. This is a parable with my G-pa. In fact they both had the same eyes that shine so blue as if they could see Heaven. They both smiled and where content as to know a secret between them and God. Which we must come to learn. It was the same message my G-pa proclaimed "Do Not Be Afraid". As the Pope forgave the man who tried to kill him was an act of real humanity and bravery and in appliance with what God wanted. My G-pa Rev. was age 91 with Parkinson held by a young man with a knife to slit his throat. Of coarse my G-pa spoke of the Lord and concerned himself with this boys sole. He was so beautifull. I see this in the Pope. This beauty of coarse is that of their own making. For God gives us all free choice. The Pope willfully fullfilled God's plan for him with such gracious beauty and everlasting memorance so we will see. He went to those there and beyound. He loved all people all God's creatures. This was how my Grandfather was. He would smile and his heart pump full of blood and be so happy to meet you. I seen him do miracles as I believe they both were themselfs anyways. What lifes they had. How they came to know Christ and their strengths. I just know God has two very good examples from this earth. The Pope at a very important status and my Grandfather very poor but they both were rich- Rich in Spirit. Pope John I feel may be the last one of his kind as I know my Grandfather is. God keeps those so dear so near. Love.. from Heaven above these are what these men are made of.. pure uncracked vesels God made. PegMI


I felt a real urge to write this I may be wrong in doing so. This article is about John Paul. Yet I am mentioning my Grandfather for the simili is that they both wanted to be and live as close to Christ beliefs or understandings of Jesus. I need to say this once again they stole that dignity away from my Grandfather. He wanted to die naturally. But all the papers I had did not save him. I'm glad John Paul got peace. He was for all people. Peg


I stayed up all night and watched and taped. As he grew sick. I loved it when he stood at the window and the birds of Peace flew back in. His love attracted all. He mentioned Terri S.. All the people that came and waited outside his window was a beautiful thing as we know the comfort he found in this. The songs at his service were so beautiful, like music from Heaven. I am not Catholic but he had my attention. Peg


This is so heavy and beutiful. John Paul II, did capture me and still does everytime I see even see him. The very last line. This urgency. Is also what I am speaking of. It is. I just went on Brian McLaren The Secret of Jesus site. I just dun't know! What a let down. I left a mesage all right. He believes he knows Jesus secret message. He does speak on -um a humanity of how we treat eachother. Doesn't seem to be the case. He is traveling all over and read the blogs. If you want answers buy this book this book. Your still not guranteed! My book you are! Just wants money! I think he should shout the message to everyone who is thirsting it. The Secret Message? Move on..It won't be a secret for long for God wants everyone to hear his word. The sooner the better. Let the truth be known! Amen John Paul II. God Bless your eternal life. , be back soon PegMi

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