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Moderate Democrat

Agreed - although a Democrat, I believe that there are often good ideas coming from the Conservative camp. Alas, what we've seen taking over the Republicans reminds me of George Wallace, what with his anti-intellectualism, his nativism, his racism - all things which when put in the name of Conservatism would set Bill Buckley a-spinning in his grave. Look at the choices which the Republican party has made in the primaries: Mourdock instead of Richard Lugar; Christine O'Donnell instead of Mike Castle; Sharron Angle; Todd Akin - those were four races that could have gone Republican (in Indiana and Missouri, would likely have, if the candidates weren't lunatics). I suspect it won't be until 2020 that the Republican party has a correction back to the center that the Democrats did in 1992. We'll see...

As far as the Israelis, Bibi's bright idea of joining up with the nastily nationalist party of Avigdor Lieberman blew up on him - the final count was 61 Knesset members who are on the right, 59 center-left (mind you, Bibi's coalition contains the Black Hats - Sephardi and Litvak, and "center-left" includes the Arabs). The strong showing by Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid party may mean that some kind of national service will be required of the ultra-orthodox (including my nephews and possibly my nieces' husbands)- there is a lot of resentment about the free ride they've gotten for the past 60 years. Of course, that's almost as big a demographic time-bomb as the Arabs. We'll see how that plays out.

Pete (Alois)

Thoughtful comment as always, Dr. D.

I'm not nearly as up on Israeli politics as you are--get most of that via my son, who couldn't agree with you more (and of course, he spent several years living there). What's going on here is more worrisome, if only because you and I actually live in this country. Walker's Wisconsin is a Stygian wilderness of shuttered storefronts and shattered dreams, more reminiscent of Appalachia (or what Appalachia was like in years gone by, before it became more economically healthy than Wisconsin). And the pinheads in our populace--who may even turn out to be a majority--are still frothing at the mouth to "get" the state employees, believing hook-line-and-sinker the Nazi-like lie Walker told them that their troubles have all been caused by "pampered" civil servants. (Like I said... pinheads. Just like the Germans who were led to believe that the Jews caused all their woes.)

But that's all window dressing. Ultimately the Tea Party program is about hijacking funds that were meant to go to the little guy (pensions, Social Security, Medicare) and giving them to Paul Ryan's "makers," in some sort of sick belief that running our economy like colonial India's will make America great again (at least, for the very rich). If a couple million Americans die early, pointless deaths as a result, well, hey--that never stopped Hitler, did it?

These are extremely dangerous people and Americans need to wake up before it's too late. So what if we "get" the damned gobmint workers, if it causes the entire country to collapse?

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