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SHOCKA: US President Bush to give Mexico billions of dollars for surveilance and helicopters, all the things they need to watch us and grow like al-gaeda well al-gaeda is there. Al-gaeda can teach them now how to "take it back". That is their line! To recruit! Along with our "movie stars!" that have destroyed america! Two sets of rules. The upper class-rich in which they get away with murder and have podiums to speak against the United States and the President! I join in that conversation! Bush is a freak show! I am peeved as hell!
And I liked Bush and had to go through hell all these years in defending him. What an idiot! Hitlery would be class to be President I will watch that too glady to see what is in store for her! and her family! F" I"! The government does not work.
They just get richer and put us in more danger and we have already went backwards in time and we are sooo soo vulnerable now!
JM-'This is the End"
Instead of protecting our borders we will give it to the Mexicans! You can read it from your own chamber of commerence how to become a citizen for the illegals. Go to Canada first and get visa then come to US ant they will fianance a new business for you tax free! good deal! Nambla Nafta! all protectors to them. Not what was so told to us! News media is limited! They are only showing us stress ridden problems that stress the people out more. Peterson wife is still being covered and not the fact of the dead bodies on the border it will be on Glenn Beck tonight! You want to see what I have been saying for a long time. Bush just F' us! but good! Seems Hitlery would love him. They are all working for the same thing. Not long now!


Forgot to mention the second class of people they do not have a voice-they are experimental! They do not count in fact they all can drop dead as far as the first class is concerned!
They are poor and can never rise above or expect to be heard! Who gives a damn about the homeless! In which they will make alot of us! oh yes, our own fault too!"" The Mexicans-muslims shall reign!

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