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That line above the- last line sounds like fighting words!jk..
..something the cowboys would even say. There is no walking away! And there isn't a place to walk to? It is here-there!
My Ilk is growing and peace they are fooling themselfs they invited them no where to go. peace of the 3rd kind?""
sorry to say. It is here! All around us. If they had done their "JOBS!"..figovbttrwkup!


They are in Madison too!


I never did like the idea of bombing. To much at stake. So f' up!


Since we have so many dying on the border and within the U.S. our Good government has decided to give Mexico Billions of dollars and aircraft, survalience cameras, ect ect.
12 a day people kidnapped from our side never to be seen again! This is the first time I am doing an about face! US is a JOKE!
WE ARE DOOMED! I loved the OLD America but as it says that was a dream an OLD dream!
The President is now doing the same mistake as what we made in Pakistan by creating the taliban! al-gaeda! We have now created a new enemy within United States! Setting each other against eachother. It is the good American that pays! Sorry Alois, I see no good any more coming to U.S. we are doomed! Unless people want to make the people that aren't really here dissappear for they weren't here in the first place right? Our people dropping dead on their own without heads, or getting killed by themselfs, fires, kidnappings, the shame, it is the good American that pays! There is no United States! that was a dream! an American dream! along comes the nightmare!
A mexican to take your child your job your house your life! I am sick of it. I am just going to watch now! The unraveling of all we fought so hard for. Doomed now. I said I liked Bush! I DO NOT! He will not seal the borders or protect us! I will NEVER VOTE Again! I will not vote for murders!


I do NOT know anyone who is happy any more!
That is the truth! Our thinking is all pre-empt!
I plan on just burying my grandpa's book with me! No one cares about God! Godless!
Everything is pre-Empt!
I can't live in a world without love-song
Our Constitution our schools our families-our morales- our standards of living - our religion beliefs - our security -our reality
all pre-empt
I went from a + to 0-
I run around and try to staightened up people in trouble in need, for what the government gives and takes away! I have no time for important things! It is just survival now! That is important but who caused this? This unnecessary struggle in which we had security and now do not!?
Our children thoughts ommitted into thinking of blood and guts and evil all the time! It is a sick new world! Can't even let the children watch cartoons it is always so scary or sexist! It disgust me!
There is no room in this world- it is a battle now of those with power and the new ideology.
I am too getting to a point "Frankly I do not give a damn-Martha!" it is so far from hope now! It is sliding away from us dailey until there is no individual freedoms.
I am standing at the road left and the road ahead and the road of no hope and the road of pain and no hope and the road of death.
It is all BS the GOP bull! Lies! Delay! They do not talk about the problem at hand! They just scratch each others itch! Where are we going with all this? No where' ville!
Death our only hope! Peace is in death!


I was so wrong to say that, so I apologize.
People do want to know about God. I am going to work on self improvement! Besides my grandfathers book! Forgive me all, I am only human and have lots of faults myself.
That was not fair, God be with us all!
Peace and love throughout the New Year. Happy Hanukkah!

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