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I just learnt this on the internet! I think I know why now jihadwatch did not let me post again. I had no idea till now! MZ who ever MZ is! I was for awhile but there was another MZ did not talk like me. Mz was on Whittle too I believe. I was too but I quit when I discovered another MZ is the mix. Wow it looks as if everyone very upset by MZ too! That MZ IS NOT ME! I repeat that MZ is not me and I have not used that in a very long time and will not ever again! I am MZ-kimble not who ever all those MZ jihadwatch postings are. I do not hate the jews I love the jews! There is some real crap on there, now I see why more people are upset. I had no idea!!!
All the good stuff I did post got mixed in that garbage and misconscrewed! I am mad! Thanks Pete for letting me still post! How could you, didn't you think I was MZ who ever that person is?! I didn't like what they wrote before and do not now. Just to be safe I will never use MZ again! That is bull! I speak from my heart not from that bull stuff. That is awful. There are alot alot of post and it is NOT ME! I hope they now learn-know this! I would NEVER! It is baffling!
On jihadwatch they said there was a thread of someone there- not good. I joked and said it was me I was John Doe! Damn-i think i was now! I do not know who this person is. As I said those are not mine. I will write from my grandpa's book and heart. Someone is writing some crap now!
I will have to learn more. Even though I don't want to- about the other MZ!
I have to search everyone to see if it was me and I do not see any! Something has happened and they are not cute! That sux!
It has been a long time though but I believe it is being mistaken for me! Let me assure you and everyone I will NOT use MZ.
Ever! - I wish peace and love and I want to find answers the problem not make problems.
Well- nothing I can do. Except maybe go to those sites but I don't know how many there are, it sure looks like alot alot! It is NOT ME! I can assure you!


Just like the wikipedia! oh, people say it said that on there! Soooo..people write them-anyone can!! Try it make up a word! They even change the History of your very own town! Changing all history! if it sounds good! it must be true!
think how many trolls refer to it!


I learnt that what you read doesn't mean what it says. Words can just 'poof' appear because they all matched up. Umm,,as I drink my koolaid, i see -- dead bodies.!
Plus what you see doesn't mean it too is what you see. So..ibegin to think i ..uh cannot see the use of the internet it is a tool for...them! f' upt!

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