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Sure looks like to me it has been proven! Where did all those tons of gas go? Oh, it was moved so it means it no longer exist! Bill O'Reilley calls them pinheads! So even proven they still are going to say, but you went under false pretensions! WORDS OF MASS DECEPTION! Anything your little ears want to hear! Well, maybe not yours or mine. For that is not good enough! Why couldn't they been used for that? It said only 11 elements missing! People, chemicals, ballons, 7 chem specialist and an Arby's! idiots! What then were they used for? Where and why did they disappear? When we first went into Iraq the seized that truck heading to Lebonon with enough WMD's to kill 80,000 people! Then they destroyed enough to fill up 25,000 cargo ships! I remember seeing one soldier standing there and he said any where I step it is bones! You could see a shirt that freed itself from the ground 1/2 way and was blowing in the wind where someone died! So I would ask him, "Whats with that?" Who says the WMD's didn't make it to Libia? They decided to give theirs up. Now we are safe they are here in our backyard where we leave our back door Wide Open, "common in!" It is really scary too when you know of this other problem we had years and years ago. Russia. We had American Scientist there and they showed all these bio-weapons abandoned! For anyone to take. What ever they may get and unleash! Of coarse it went unguarded! Was on History Channel. It is a tool to pull out! Did we not learn from Afghanistan? We admitted our mistake and now we are going to repeat it? They say the war is not going well that is what it I think! They want instant results! Plus they hate Bush! For one I do not think we arm these police recruiters, probably lack of trust. They are not armed in the middle of the night. For they would beable to protect themselfs! Instead of being all pulled off a bus and shot and beheaded for they had no guns! Doesn't make sense! Most likely these bio-chems where already prepared all they had to do was use these mobiles to distribute it. I'm sure the QOD's from Iran has a few up their sleeve!


I do not understand why they let that chem lady scientist go!? Sodom should of been found quilty already, he too is another problem! Mr.Warrick not thinking with an open mind! POEM; UNKWOWN For unforseen, unfortold, that which is the future that is unknown PegMi


POEM UNKNOWN For unforseen, for unfortold, that which is the future that which is unknown geez!


Couldn't these mobile labs been used for small airplanes? In the beginning they made claims of these nice size toy looking ones. They showed them. What ever happened to them too. Unless they were using small ballons. Seems aircraft they would beable to control. Then drop chems on people. I all so was thinking and maybe I should not say this. I was worried for the soldier kidnapped, for they said they were going to try chems on them. What if, god i can't ,,


The what if has happened! To the Soviet Spy Livinenko, in Britain. To dangerous to examine. The genie is out. What bottle will be opened next?

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