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I'm starting to get really scared that we are going to cut and run. I am terrified of what will happen when we do, and I want so badly to do something to stop it!

WHAT CAN WE DO??????????


Form militias and start hunting down the lefty assclowns.

I'm not serious.

Wait, maybe I am...


I am right behind yaa! Where are we going to cut and run to? A friend of mine called me this morning and she finally woke UP! She starts reading this article of how it works. The N game, the never never ending game! I tell her ya, now you will be really surprised to find out how many people do not have a clue. You will realize how important the illegal issue is and not to be forgotten. Now you see how it hurts us to not stand united. When you understand what it is about, you understand we must stay! It is even more proof why we have to! For the two soilders that died so horribly! These idiots say run! Like we did before in Afghanistan. Did we not learn our lesson? What they did to those soilders we should fight even harder! Gloves off! As they say! I was on the map trying to find them and damn I was frustrated! I knew they were not far! It sucks! It seems strange Kerry has been dictating since Bush got into office. "I want the troops out by..." it is BULL! I don't think he know he is not the President. Here is something funny!: Clarke on tv today says about the Korean missile launch. " We shouldn't have announced it! Now if our missiles miss we have alot of answering to do!" (what the sneaky,,heres your weapon of mass deception!) More important than that sow. I prayed so hard for those soilders! O'Reiley said, in Times ect CNN BBC all those places barely mention it! But did mention Abu grave. It is so sad! Like I told my friend they must not have a clue what radical Islam is about! She is finally on board too her eyes and ears are peeled back! She says, it is every thing you mentioned in here! I would say not everything! Not yet! If they have to bring nam in, it is all related as to communist! The extremist have the same ideas of taking over the world and making everyone to think and believe like them! This is way far more serious for since no one ever cared to check out or know their beliefs everyone has to suffer! All these, I call diversions, going on only helps the enemy!!!!!


Braking News on Fox just a few minutes ago, on Hannity an Colms. They found 500 things of mustard gas and surin gas. Guess what, you guessed it the liberals are already saying, "it doesn't mean a thing, it is the wrong one!" I laugh. Allan is being so stupid. Good-greif these people errk me! One Sgt tries to explain just 15 can kill 500,000 people. Then Allan, "but they are no good, dated pre-91" the guy says the surin is good and we don't know yet about the rest. Ann Coulter on there she was GREAT!! This witch Laura Schwartz, says, "OUR TROOPS TERRORIZE THE IRAQI'S IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIHGT!" Sean jumped all over her cht! This is another victory! I knew there was some burried in the sand, I believe there are more. A really good show tonight!


It may be ...the reason the two soilders died. Stepping down, stepping out, they were alone! It would prove too, to reward the bad "johnny's here." For it has been proven it is rewarding to throw stones even if it kills! To withdraw just as Murtha said, hell we did it in Beirut, Nam, Gulf, Somalia...(where he said he wanted us to go back to). We are suppose talk about leaving while Kim Jun Il has his missiles pointed at us? While God knows what Iran is doing. While we have been invaded by millions of illegals! We are close to the finish line in Iraq and they want to quit! That has been my problem all my life. Afraid to succeed to WIN! Just plain dysfunctional! Probably shows what the gov. does know. Where going globalizm. Doesn't mean they have to make us sleep with them. I LOVE AMERICA! INDIVIDUAL! WITH LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL!


This is Kerry's plan too how to get our Allies on board! Now they all can say, "I told ya so!) Never will happen! Every time I think of sin tax I think of Kerry! Is that weird Kerry?

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