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My sentiments EXACTLY!


I was pissed off when I wrote that. I know, doesn't happen often.... ;-)


I cannot believe I am seeing this picture again. I feel like glass just breaking apart in me. This will remain with me till the day I die! The panic I was going through to try to help him. Sounds crazy again, I know but true. Daniel Pearl his reward as promised will be that in the Kingdom of Heaven. This is a reminder of what this war is about! It haunts me. It was a message, so many people did not concieve. Daniel Pearl was killed for he was Jewish, not because he was trying to get a story, of coarse the killers knew it would be a story he was a journalist. God Bless Daniel Pearl, he was the sacrificied American Jew lamb, once again to initiate this war! A message. Was it missed? I prayed so hard for him and wife and baby.
If you explore those pictures they tell more. They told alot. Missed I think at the time. There is a picture of the man's hand holding the gun, it looks like the same ring bin had on. It even looks like bin's hand? Long skinny fingers. Then, another picture you can see someone is behind the curtain as to hold Daniel. There is blood soaked in the curtain. Daniel is in trouble! He does not have long! The question was where is Daniel and is he alive? I quickly blogg to say he is in Karachi! It only made sence. Then Al-jajerra asked who am I and where do I live? I am G-O-N-E. Just got on a computor lately and I E-mailed ya Alois about Ijazz Mansoor. I wanted to know if any one knew about the story of Ijazz? He appeared on BillO'reilley 10-01. He was talking about being in the Northern Alliance. Bill says, "I'm not going to have some Northern Alliance dude tell me...Bla! I was offended at the time. By 12-01 Ijaz was Fox News Analyst. Now, Bill was nice. 2-02, Ijaz talks about how he introduced Daniel Pearl to his killers. He said he warned him! But Daniel insisted he wanted to meet bin. I believe he got his wish! I believe bin was there! I can almost see him cleaning his nails with a knife and grinning with a sparkly golden tooth! Daniel knew then! Danielle VanDam also killed same time. I felt as if these two angels ascended together. This picture is a sad reminder. All anti-war activist don't even care about this! Other's wrong place wrong time. The cowards that kill an unarmed man and out number him fear will come to them by the wrath of God. The New Humanity may give us free will but not to brake the laws. Evil will be destroyed! God be with us Peg


Peg, let us hope that this evil will be destroyed in our lifetimes. It won't happen if the loony, ignorant left has their way, like in the next mid-term elections; if the congessional will to continue to prosecute this war on terror (read Islamic lunacy)is lost, God help us all. There will be no comfort in the caliphate.


Someone just needs to set up a mandatory course for asshats everywhere called Tool 101, in which it will be taught (gently and soothingly) that under the caliphate, the Ben-and-Jerry's-eatin', recumbent-bike ridin', antique-shoppin', latte-sippin' lifestyle to which they are now accustomed will be a thing of the past. THAT ought to get their attention, if 9/11 didn't...


Calphilate. For we let em! That's democracy of the left liberals! I use to be demo- but when they lost their mind I switched! Their words cut like a knife! The article, I just realized what Klaus said, for I was so over taken with the picture of Daniel Pearl. This would be very hard to sculture into words. Very frightful indeed! To add on the people that don't get it. Look at Gen.Pershing-1800's He had a problem with the Muslims and he knew what they wanted and he defeated them! If there were the big mouth coward liberals shouting things he would of shot them too! Traitor! There's so much wrong and how to fix it? The people that do realize what is going on are starting to understand more the roots of this. The cartoon guy is in hiding. I too, may have to if this book of Rev.G-Pa, is another insult on "their" religion. For what a paradox. Not really, but this is still the New Humanity I am speaking of. I saw several site's on that. It is not complete if you do not understand the meaning of it. They don't mention Jehweh. The true meaning of Abraham and Isaac. Jesus the Mediator. What my grandpa writes what it means is the opposite of what they (Islam) say it means. His book gives everyone hope. If you check out the ICE Report. You will be shocked again! Jobs we don't want!? There were 5,800 illegals working in airports, then; ports, nuclear plants, Army, Navy, meals prepared for our soilders in Iraq! It goes on and on..., Things we don't hear about on the NEWS! It all plays into the hands of Algada. The illegals should leave! The schools should not let them in school if they cannot prove citizenship! That is just the way it is! We need to get back in a safer zone. People need to get educated more. The government needs to crack down on tolerance of speech. I don't go for that freedom of speech. When I hear such hate speech or slanders of the President, fallen soilders, living ones. They should be fined. It would be real nice if Islam could see their religion in a different way for they are close but then,... That many people it would be nice to see them learn a true meaning a different meaning to life one of hope and love, that many people knowing already the language should be able to understand. The true interpatation of The New Humanity. Wishful thinking. Peg


Klaus to answer the ?en more about the caliphate. I have been reading Robert Spencer Polically Incorrect Guide To Islam. I believe you hit on a very good point. For I believe this is the nexis of the problem and the answer. This is bin's fight! To keep the caliphate alive and growing! Such as Omar sleeping in Mohammed shrawl (I remember that in the beginning of the war) in a shrine to symbolize Afghanistan is theirs! They believe the whole world belings to them. It is by the Khilafah-Allah will kill you. This books speaks of how the problem would have to be fixed. It is all so their intention to take Pakistan for they want the nukes. Now today I hear the U.S. is there selling them all kinds of weapons. I don't get it. Back to the study board, should go sit in Monday science. We should maybe follow suite of these other countries intollerance, and make them leave. What a bunch of bunk to have to hear them preach in your face 'they will take your country and your life!' Is that not a threat? Should I not protect myself? Freedom of speech or propaganda? Also, may I add the illegals are taking over our land seems they are caliphate people. Put it this way. If they stay could you hire them to protect their new border? They do play in the hands of Algada. Can't believe they are working in our nuke plants and repairing military aircraft, according to the ICE program. PegMi


This is a powerful post. It should be made into a flyer.

I'm angry too.

Then I am angry about being angry .

But that is OK.

Anger is exactly what is required.


Thanks Zee!

I just get so tired of people driving Subarus and Volvos around town here with their ubiquitous Thule roof racks and Kerry/FreeTibet/JerryLives!/ImagineWorldPeace/WarIsNOTTheAnswer! bumper stickers...

I always think of Ho Chi Minh talking to those rich lefty tardates: "Come the revolution, you will be the first to be killed."

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