Schmaltz und Grieben mit Alois, Klaus und der Lugers
March 2003


"The self-described head of al Qaeda's military committee, Mohammed is believed to be the strategist who helped coordinate finances and recruitment for the global terrorist network. Born in Kuwait to a Pakistani father, he studied engineering in North Carolina before training volunteers in the mid-1980s to fights the Soviets in Afghanistan, where he met bin Laden."

It is time to deport ALL Arab exchange students now!

And, my congratulations to France and all of the anti-war appeaseniks for emboldening Hussein and making WAR MORE LIKELY. Therefore, how many innocents and brave coalition forces must die and suffer as a result of fracturing the otherwise united international demand to disarm this murderous, fascist dictator? Boycott French, German and Turkish goods (and Belgian too - if they even make anything). Oh yeah, and boycott Starbucks too so that all the spineless, appeasenik anticapitalists have to make THEIR OWN goodam lattes.

posted by Klaus (mit mein Luger) 03/04/03

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "One reason the French get along with many of the Arab regimes, after all, is that they have the same approach to negotiation. They never mean a thing they say; and will pledge one thing one week (Resolution 1441 anyone?) and act as if it doesn't exist the next."

--Andrew Sullivan

posted by Alois 03/04/03

CAN'T SOMEONE JUST PUT HIM OUT OF HIS MISERY? And to think that this pathetic loser was once truly talented. Damn.

posted by Alois 03/04/03

PROOF THAT WE'RE MAKING PROGRESS: Remember that famous photograph Annie Liebowitz took of John Belushi shortly before his death? Greasy, unshaven, unkempt, Belushi looked like he hadn't slept or bathed in days.

Now look at the picture of Khalid Shaykh Mohammed just after his capture (use the CNN link above). A remarkable resemblance, no? Mohammed has obviously been on the run for quite some time. And as we see, this particular stripe of fundamentalist Muslim has no compunctions about shaving the de rigueur Muslim beard when it is in their interests to do so--i.e. when Uncle is breathing hot and heavy down their neck. So much for "convictions."

posted by Alois 03/04/03

EXACTLY: "Check out this website from Fox advertizing their newest (and not too successful) reality television show. This is how Fox views the sacredness of marriage. And yet the same network routinely features speakers and pundits who bemoan gay people's sincere attempt to commit to one another as an assault on civilization. Motes and beams, don't you think? Or just more double standards from those who claim to support the institution of marriage, but, in reality, just want to keep homosexual citizens permanently stigmatized?"

--Andrew Sullivan

Posted by Alois 03/04/03



MORE TO COME: I've been out sick for a couple of days and Klaus has been busy laying in ammunition and working on his Pork Grenades. Will be back on the ball (hopefully) later today.

Posted by Alois 03/07/03



ACHTUNG: You will now join me in saluting Klaus upon the occasion of his 50th birthday. Ja, salute him. Or you will be shot, to make an example für der others.

Posted by Alois 03/09/03



QUOTE OF THE DAY: "March in Minnesota: according to the weatherman on TV right now, the low tonight will be 5 below. The high Friday will be 55 above.

We’ve all dated someone like that."

--James Lileks

Posted by Alois 03/10/03

NICELY PUT--AND ENGLISH ISN'T EVEN HIS NATIVE LANGUAGE! "... the Zionist entity. That vile little country that all the arabs hate. And if anyone thinks Saddam hates Israel because of the 'plight' of the Palestinians, I'd like to cordially remind you that Hussein has no scruples whatsoever, and that a man who uses chemical weapons to kill masses of his own people doesn't give a rat's ass about the Palestinians.

He hates Israel because it is strong, democratic, and rich. He hates Israel because Israel can kick Arab ass like nobody's business. He hates Israel because it's full of Jews.

All I can say is 'fuck you, Saddam', and I'm going to."

--Sam Muldia

Posted by Alois 03/10/03

THAT GALLIC CHARM: Chirac always has this vacuous 'looking down the road to see if the mailman's coming' expression. Not surprising since he was voted in by vapid nitwits. To refer to the French as frogs is to elevate their status while demeaning the esteemed amphibian. How about SPAWs : Spineless Pathetic Appeasnik Whine-o's?

Posted by Klaus (mit mein Luger) 03/10/03

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: If war is not the answer... then Iraq is not the question.

Posted by Alois 03/10/03



"Attacking Iraq would be unprovoked aggression. No, it wouldn't. Andrew Sullivan has pointed out a significant fact: There was no peace treaty, only the truce, so the state of war resumes when the conditions are violated. By attacking now, the United States would be ending the war, not starting it."

--Fred Barnes, in The Weekly Standard

Posted by Klaus 03/11/03

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "In Europe, Danny [Pearl]'s murder has been condemned as an attack against journalism, while the anti-American, anti-Jewish sentiments were played down considerably. This is understandable, considering the anti-American and anti-Western sentiment echoed in editorials in some respectable European newspapers.

"In contrast, Danny's captors concentrated on his Jewish and Israeli heritage. Evidently the murderers were confident that Danny's Jewish connections were sufficient to license the gruesome murder they were about to commit. Such a brazen call to condone the killing of a human being by virtue of his religion or heritage is strongly reminiscent of the horrors perpetrated by Nazi Germany.

In a world governed by reason and leadership, one would expect world leaders to immediately denounce such racist calls before they become an epidemic. However, President Bush was the only world leader to acknowledge the connection between Danny's murder and the rise of anti-Semitism [emphasis Alois's]: 'We reject the ancient evil of anti-Semitism whether it is practiced by the killers of Daniel Pearl or by those who burn synagogues in France.' No European head of state rose to John F. Kennedy's 'Ich bin ein Berliner' with the morally equivalent statement 'Today, I am a Jew.'

Not surprisingly, our unguided world has seen an alarming rise of anti-Semitic activity in the past year. Tens of millions of Muslims have become unshakably convinced that Jews were responsible for the Sept. 11 attack. Egypt's state-controlled television aired a 30-part program based on the notorious anti-Semitic book 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,' and Egyptians were fed another fantasy, that Jews are plotting to take over the world. Syria's defense minister, Mustafa Tlas, released the eighth edition of his book, 'The Matzah of Zion,' in which he accuses Jews of using the blood of Christians to bake matzah for Passover. And on the sideline, while these flames of hatred were consuming sizable chunks of the world's population, traditionally vocal champions of antiracism remained silent."

--Judea Pearl (Danny Pearl's father), in The Wall Street Journal

Posted by Alois 03/11/03



"Chirac and France have reason to be concerned about Muslim rage. But it is against France, and not America, that 23 million Iraqis will direct their anger if Chirac continues to stand in the way of their liberation. When history holds a mirror up to America's good faith efforts to release Iraq's people from Saddam's tyranny and begin transforming the Middle East into a region of greater freedom and prosperity, the contrast will be stark with Chirac's efforts to protect Saddam at all costs."

--Marc Ginsberg, in The Weekly Standard

Posted by Klaus (mit mein Luger) 03/12/03



Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish is a must-read today.

Posted by Alois 03/13/03


IN CASE YOU NEEDED A CHUCKLE (and who doesn't these days?)--This, from James Lileks: "Passed some protesters on the way home. They were on the bridge over the highway, waving homemade signs: NO BLOOD FOR OIL, of course - holding a protest without having that slogan would be like shooting an episode of 'Happy Days' in which Fonzie doesn’t say 'Ayyyyyyy.'"

Posted by Alois 03/13/03


ANOTHER MUST-READ: This, from a young Left Coast blogger named Scott Ganz (courtesy Asparagirl).

Posted by Alois 03/13/03


STOPPING SPAM: Did you ever get the feeling that the people who send out this ridiculous and annoying shit aren't exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer?

Ponder this: Just a basic market study (with a large sample population of, say, 10,000 people) would probably suffice to illustrate that NO ONE, or NEXT to NO ONE, ever buys anything because of an uninvited e-mail solicitation. Possibly it might help if these bozos ever offered something useful and/or believable (like, say, verifiable discounts on power tools or kitchen appliances) instead of larger penises or pathetic get-rich-quick schemes. But they don't, and they won't. And they'll never sell anything. And they'll never figure it out.

On the other hand... maybe they're just trying to annoy us?

Posted by Alois (mit mein Luger) 03/13/03


ON THE EVE OF WAR: Perhaps an early Thanksgiving might be in order. Alois gives special thanks for--

My kind, generous, wonderful Marla;

The Lutheran faith that sustains me, for all its faults and foibles (and mine!);

My son Mike, brilliant writer and artist, recently accepted to Tulane University;

My foster daughter Toni, accomplished skier and wit;

The United States of America, the greatest nation on Earth, which has made all of this possible--something I do not forget for a minute;

Und, naturally, Klaus. But don't tell him. Nein, do not tell him! Or you will, of course, be shot.

Posted by Alois 03/13/03



IN CASE YOU NEEDED A CHUCKLE, ROUND II: "US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s visit to Saudi Arabia next week is not intended to notify Riyadh on the date of a possible war on Iraq, Okaz reported yesterday.

"Well, maybe he should -- just not directly. 'Abdul, when you hear a lot of big, loud bangs -- I mean a lot and loud -- that means it's started.'"

--Joel Rosenberg

Posted by Alois 03/14/03

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "One wonders what it would take for the Vatican to condemn Saddam’s regime.... I suppose if Saddam came out for partial-birth abortions or the ordination of women or the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle he might be hit with a condemnation of some sort. (Until recently, one might have argued that his abuse of children would get him in hot water with the Vatican, too. But even that expectation now seems vain.)"

--Christopher Hitchens (via Joel Rosenberg)

Posted by Alois 03/14/03


RUMINATIONS. One thing that has been on my mind lately is the old schoolyard playground.

We've all been there. It's one experience we've all had, despite our nationality or race or socioeconomic class. And since we're all people--even, yes, the Arabs (there! I've said it! Good Lutheran boy!)--we will all recognize a certain character from the schoolyard playground.

He was what used to be called a "bully" here in the States, before that term became politically incorrect and was replaced by "Nervous REHC" ("Ritalin-Eatin'-Head-Case"). Two things set the true bully apart from his peers: He genuinely enjoyed the suffering of others, and he had absolutely no conception of "rules" or "fair play." A bully would push the little kindergarten girl in the brand new white dress into the mud, just to ruin her brand new white dress and deprive her of the pleasure of wearing it. A bully would wait till your back was turned and then hit you over the head with a piece of lumber, and you'd have to go to the hospital and get twelve stitches in your scalp. And he would think this was funny. After awhile you began to understand that there was something deeply, deeply disturbed about this child, something beyond human reason.

Then one day, usually when the bully was 12 or 13, you didn't see him anymore. You heard that he had done something truly criminal, and had been sent away for re-tooling.

And this, in a nutshell, is what I don't understand about the peaceniks. When I look at Oinksama pig Laden or Saddamned Insane, I immediately recognize the face of the schoolyard bully. Oh sure, Saddam is more easily recognized as a bully-type because he doesn't hide his sadism behind the fake righteousness of an ersatz Muslim holy man. But that doesn't matter--the peaceniks fail to recognize Saddam as a bully boy too. He's a "strongman." Hey, it's a bird! It's a plane! It's Saddam Hussein!

But in their chicken hearts, I think they know the truth. These Islamofascist freaks are just adult incarnations of the ugly little schoolyard bully. And the thing that grates the most is that we ALL know that there is no reasoning with, no placating, and no ameliorating the schoolyard bully. One thing works, and one thing only, and we ALL know what it is:

The schoolyard bully needs to get the holy living shit kicked out of him.

Fortunately we have a President and a Secretary of State and a Secretary of Defense who understand this as well as I (and you) do.

Posted by Alois (mit mein Luger) 03/14/03



WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW: Remember that favorite lefty carp, that we left Afghanistan in "ruins"? Here's the beef.

Unusual Saturday post by Alois (at mein Office) 03/15/03

JA. UND ZO WE SHOOT ZEM NOW UND MAKE OF ZEM AN EXAMPLE FÜR DER OTHERS: "[Camp] Vandenberg is about 50 miles north Santa Barbara, Calif. In a few days, activists will start converging on a nearby four-acre plot of land that Bud Boothe, a World War II veteran, donated to the Military Globalization Project. They're going to camp there and train to breach the base's security and possibly vandalize some of its equipment. Lumsdaine, the Military Globalization Project coordinator, is a 48-year-old who has been arrested at Vandenberg twice. He describes the base as 'the electronic nerve center of the global-surveillance-targeting, weapons-guidance, and military-command satellites that will largely direct the war.' The base is 99,000 square acres, with a perimeter running through rugged, wooded terrain. 'If people are committed and determined and in halfway decent physical shape, it is possible to get in, because it's enormous and much of the land is still fairly wild,' he says. Within the base, Lumsdaine says, are 'major off-limits security zones,' that, when breached, 'set off a series of responses in their own security procedures which require disruption and partial shut down of regular activities,' which means the base can't operate at full capacity." Our fifth column at work and play.

--Michelle Goldberg at, via Andrew Sullivan

Unusual Saturday post by Alois (at mein Office) 03/15/03. Der italicized text ist mein.



QUOTE OF THE DAY: And no doubt about it!

"CNN: U.S. urges U.N. inspectors to leave Iraq.

"I think there's about 4 hours of sunlight left in Iraq. Sayonara, Saddam."

--Sam Muldia

Posted by Alois 03/18/03


The mood around the White House was mostly somber, with an increased security around the grounds and on neighboring streets. One senior official spoke of a sense of relief that the diplomatic wrangling was over, saying, "Finally, after so many weeks, we're moving forward."

U.S. troops in Kuwait shared that sentiment. About two hours after the president spoke, Lt. Col. Stephen Twitty told his battalion of the 3rd Infantry Division, "Guys, you're going to war."

The troops, standing in formation on a dusty patch of desert, roared back, "Hooah!"

Twitty reminded the soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 15th Regiment, that they would be encountering many civilians.

"We're not going up there to fight the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people are good people. They've just been put in a bad situation."

He told the troops to treat Iraqi soldiers that surrendered with "dignity and respect."

--Dana Millbank and Mike Allen, Washington Post

Posted by Alois 03/18/03

READ IT AND WEEP: This shattering piece from the Times Online (U.K.) has been making the rounds of the VRWC blogs today. Anyone who can read this and still think we ought to coddle Saddam, I'm sorry, needs to be ____ (fill in Alois und Klaus' favorite punishment für der miscreants). Original weblink via Kathy Kinsley.

Posted by Alois 03/18/03

WHERE TED RALL BELONGS: In a cell. Preferably, a cell right between John Walker Lindh and Julius the Stud Muffin. Here's why.

But this is Alois, mit his famous short fuse, doing der speaking. If George Bush was really the "evil and unelected warlord" that Rall accuses him of being, he'd already be in that cell. (Via Andrew Sullivan).

Posted by Alois 03/18/03

MADISON LEFTIST BOO-HOO-HOO AWARD I: "George W. Bush leads the world's remaining superpower. That position places great responsibilities on his shoulders. The greatest of these is to engage seriously and sincerely in the diplomatic process that allows for the collective wisdom of many nations to inform the actions of the United States.

President Bush has failed to meet that responsibility. He has let his country down. He has let his world down."

--The Madison (what else?) Capital Times

Posted by Alois (mit mein Luger) 03/18/03



I wish I had taped these comments by Geraldo (who has apparently abandoned his propensity for sensationalism and has become an excellent foreign correspondent) last night from Afghanistan. To paraphrase him, he said that the people of Afghanistan adore Americans and are so very grateful for what the United States has done for them and their country. He went on to say that American Troops are treated like rock stars in Afghanistan and that our countries will be bonded as friends forever.

In my own words, I expect the same reverence from the Iraqi people. We will have yet another strong ally in the region once we have driven out, and/or exterminated the vermin running Iraq.

Posted by Klaus 03/19/03

This dude is either ON or SHOULD BE ON (Thorazine) heavy HEAVY medication.

Posted by Klaus 03/19/03

DEEP THOUGHTS, BY EMPEROR MISHA I: "Osama bin Has-been... Is he dead or is he alive? Who gives a shit, he's a failure, a sad joke and the deathknell to the perverted 'ideology' that he espoused."

--The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Posted by Alois 03/19/03

HERE WE GO: "'We are seeing Iraqis trying to come across the border, saying they want to surrender, but we are having to turn them back and telling them that they must wait until the war begins,' said an intelligence officer.'" Who'd a thunk it?

Godspeed to the US, British, and Australian forces preparing to invade right now. And, yes, Godspeed to peaceable inhabitants of Iraq too.

--Report from The Times Online (U.K.), via Andrew Sullivan

Posted by Alois 03/19/03



WE'RE AT WAR. May Saddam Hussein, his sons, and his henchmen all burn in hell... soon.

Posted by Alois (mit mein Luger) 03/20/03

AND THAT'S WHY WE LIVE IN WISCONSIN: Today's Wonderful Wino award goes to Mark Baldassare for this little gem: "'There is a growing disbelief among Californians that the White House is really representing their views and interests,' said Baldassare, the director of research at the Public Policy Institute of California, a nonpartisan group in San Francisco that recently conducted an opinion poll of public attitudes toward President Bush, the war, which was then imminent, and other issues."

And please, get out your toilet-bowl cleaner for this, from the same article: "During some lunchtime and office-cooler chatter there has even been longing for President Clinton, a Hollywood favorite, who, the reasoning goes, would never have allowed a war to play havoc with Oscar night, one of the state's most hallowed traditions."

Oh my goodness no! Anything but that!

--Via The New York Times

Posted by Alois 03/20/03

TODAY'S MUST-READ: Victor Davis Hanson in NRO.

--Via Denmark's The Daghtator Blog.

Posted by Alois 03/20/03

AND SPEAKING OF KALIFORNIA: Andrew Sullivan, on a pathetic protest in San Francisco in which the antiwar demonstrators marched up the middle of a busy street, overturning garbage cans as they went: "These protests are about no-one but the protestors. It's their anti-Bush therapy. They're going to need much more of it in the near future."

Yup. They sure are.

Posted by Alois 03/20/03

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "What I want to know is, what do these people [the American appeaseniks] want ? Even the anti-war protesters during the Vietnam war didn't start the day we went over there! They called for an end to what was looking very much like a never-ending half-assed war, there IS a difference! Do these morons want us to leave our soldiers high and dry and pull out now? Do they want the Iraqi people to be screwed over once again? What if Iraqis are right now banding together in small emboldened groups, just waiting for their opportunity to kill Saddam or otherwise assist us in taking out the regime that has oppressed them for so long. Should we just leave them to be executed because "war is bad?"

--Deb, at Insomnomaniac

Posted by Alois 03/20/03



IN CASE YOU NEEDED A CHUCKLE, ROUND III: "The Coalition Of The Bribed, Paid-Off, Coerced, And Irrelevant

"Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.

"Already conservative pundits are trying to make it sound as if a real worldwide coalition has been achieved. What a joke.

"This is the best Colin Powell can do?"

Quoted verbatim... I didn't make any of it up. Honest.

--From My Daddy's Blog

Posted by Alois 03/21/03

I LOVE IT: Atomic Conspiracy, posting on The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler today, refers to San Francisco's appeasenik protesters as "Mumia-Cong."

Posted by Alois 03/21/03

TICK, TICK, TICK: The Seventh Cavalry is closing in on Baghdad. The strategically invaluable Faw Peninsula has all but fallen to British and US Marines. So, uh... where's Saddam???

Posted by Alois 03/21/03

IT'S GOING WELL SO FAR, ISN'T IT? All the proof I need is etched on the ashen, somber faces of the sea of Madison lefties I work amongst. They know that it's all going to be over for them and their historically-bankrupt ideology, probably within days. But it's hard to feel much pity for them, as the pictures come over the wires of Iraqis hugging our soldiers and dancing in the streets.

It's kind of an odd analogy, but what the hell: One of my appeasenik cohorts has posted an article from our union newspaper called Unions And War! It's basically to remind you that, as a union member, you have a duty to join with your "brothers" and "sisters" and resist the U.S. aggression against Saddamed Insane.

My union has not been able to secure even a cost-of-living salary increase for any of us "brothers" or "sisters" for the past three years--too busy kowtowing to the bigwigs and eating catered food. However, they have had absolutely no compunctions about continuing to pilfer a noticeable segment of our monthly civil-servant salaries to sit on their lard asses and do NOTHING for us poor oppressed "workers."

They did find the time, however, to remind us to oppose our own military in its struggle with a crazed dictator.

In a way, that says as much as anything I can think of about the so-called morality of the antiwar left.

Posted by Alois (mit mein Luger) 03/21/03

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "Despite all the strange twists and turns, I believe that George W. Bush won the election in Florida. Just think, how would this country be like if Vice President Gore had been elected. Anyone who thinks there will be a Democratic sweep next year is living in a fantasy world. Republicans are making inroads into the Hispanic community, Democrats are alienating one of their most important constituencies by not speaking out against the anti-Jewish propaganda being spouted by critics of the war, so the main thing we have to work on is to lure blacks into the party of Lincoln."

--"Bloodthirsty Warmonger," commenting on The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Posted by Alois 03/21/03

WHAT? THEY WERE OUT OF STARBUCKS? "People of Color Against the War, heavily educated at Berkeley, had prepared leaflets and chants in Chinese for the old people in Portsmouth Square. They stopped for bottles of water that had been delivered for them in Civic Center Plaza, as if they were marathoners."

--Rob Morse, in

Posted by Alois 03/21/03

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Oh come on Mom - I'm only 10 and even I know that diplomacy would never work with a crazy man!"

--Andy, a friend of mine's son

Posted by Alois 03/21/03



ELOQUENCE INCARNATE. Read this--it's by Deb at Insomnomaniac. I couldn't possibly have said it better.

And a big Danke Schön to Deb from Alois und Klaus for cross-linking us to her blog!

Posted by Alois 03/24/03

IN CASE YOU NEEDED A CHUCKLE, ROUND IV: This could have only been written by the irrepressible Sam Muldia: "[BBC]: War Anger: Arab 'street' threatens turmoil over Iraq

"Oh please. Stop with the Arab street already. So they're going to riot, kill each other, and burn flags while spouting hate-filled rhetoric. We have that here, too. Mangy beards on male protestors on both sides. Only difference is that our female loonies tend to get naked sometimes, while the Arab street's female crackpots are garbed in mobile tents."

You gotta love this guy. Gets right down to the nitty-gritty.

Posted by Alois 03/24/03

I ALMOST PEED MY PANTS: From IMAO's imaginary interview with Donald Rumsfeld, entitled Rumsfeld Vows to Kill Everyone and Then Sing Kumbaya:

"I'm sure it won't be too long until Baghdad is ours and Saddam is dead."

"You don't plan on capturing Saddam?"

"No, he will die."

"What if he surrenders?"

"Then he will die with his hands up. Next question."

(via Emperor Misha I)

Posted by Alois 03/24/03

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED WEIGHS IN: You know it's bad when you can't even get through an issue of SI without mention of these demonic thugs...

Posted by Alois 03/24/03



PEACENIKS CAUSE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION: American "anti-war" protesters are, without peer, the most ignorant group of people on this planet. Even the madrassa-brainwashed arabs, who have never been exposed to any ideology beyond "Allahu Akhbar/Kill Infidels" cannot be accused of being so ignorant. Uneducated, intellectually stunted, brainwashed, misguided, yes. But not as ignorant as western and, in particular, American "anti-war" protesters. Their only excuse is their pathetic delusional narcissism. Did they not even feel THREATENED by the events of 9/11?!?!?!

Nor are these morons benign. Way to the contrary. In their effort to stop the war, which, to their way of thinking is by definition immoral simply by virtue of being the application of military force, they have divided world resolve, divided the "Security" Council and have emboldened Saddam Hussein and his regime to try to survive. Had they kept their ignorant mouths SHUT, perhaps the perception of a united United States and Security Council could have persuaded the Hussein regime to give up the ship or emboldened Iraqi officers to take matters into their own hands and lynch the regime in Baghdad.

Now, how many brave Coalition Forces and, yes, innocent bystanders (damned few bystanders thanks to the continued benificience of the United States, Britain and Aussies) will be killed and maimed because war became unavoidable? The responsibility for these casualties can, at least in great part, be laid at the feet of these same "anti-war" protesters. The balance of the responsibility can be laid at the feet of Saddam Hussein, his family and regime.

But this is just a sample of the danger posed by these ignorant, puerile fools. If sufficient numbers of them decide to inconvenience themselves enough to get out of their easychair and travel, all the while listening to their Walkman at maximum volume playing a loop tape of "Imagine", to the polls in the next election, they could vote another appeasenik (a la Clinton) into office.

Then, my friends, WE ARE ALL REALLY F___KED!

posted by Klaus (mit mein JDAM) 03/25/03

PERHAPS THERE IS HOPE AFTER ALL? This, from a prominent American leftist :

"People want to avoid a war in the Middle East, they say they're not for Saddam but yet they don't really want to do anything against Saddam. They see Iraqi liberals and Kurdish democrats struggling against Saddam, and they really don't want to help these people. They see pathological movements in Palestine and elsewhere engaging in acts of random murder for the purest of irrational reasons and these people, the warmhearted, good-souled antiwar socialists of the Western countries, fall all over themselves in finding ways to justify the terrible things that are happening elsewhere and find ways to prevent themselves from showing solidarity with the victims."

--Paul Berman

Posted by Alois 03/25/03

BUT WHAT WE'RE REALLY OUT TO DO IS EXTERMINATE THE IRAQI PEOPLE: This, just in from CNN: "Coalition forces have started trucking water from Umm Qasr to Basra. The International Red Cross said 40 percent of Basra's water supply has been restored..."

Sure, that's got to be making things a lot easier for the Coalition Forces, acting as water boys while units of Saddam's willing executioners take potshots at them.

I saw a whining American protester/apologist on the news this weekend, mewling that "This isn't a war, it's a massacre!"

Sorry, but at this point I have to pull a Muldia/Misha:

You stupid, ignorant fuck.

Posted by Alois 03/25/03

"K-MART HITLER?!?!" Today's must-read; it's Ralph Peters in the New York Post, just totally going off. (Via Mitch Berg).

Posted by Alois 03/25/03

DON'T MISS THIS: A New York Times reader's expert fisking of Nicholas Kristof's weepy, defeatest editorial. Howell Raines must have just given this wingnut a big, big raise...

Posted by Alois 03/25/03..........


THIS CARTOON pretty much says it all. Don't know the artist, but it comes to you courtesy the Muldia brothers at Unigolyn:


Posted by Alois 03/26/03

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Nowadays, there's a lot of overlap between anti-capitalists, anti-semites, and anti-Americans."

--Glenn Harlan Reynolds at
Tech Central Station (via Andrew Sullivan)

Posted by Alois 03/26/03

AND THE PERSONALIZED KENNEL AT CAMP X-RAY GOES TO... Medea Benjamin, of the antiwar appeasenik group Code Pink, for this little tirade:

"We will also look at media coverage of the war. We're planning protests of the way the mainstream media, particularly TV stations, are covering the war from the perspective of the U.S. military. They are refusing to show us civilian casualties or situations like the people in Basra not having electricity or water. We'd like to hear interviews with people who are unhappy with the U.S. presence."

Can you believe that this bile was spewed from the mouth of an American citizen--in a time of war???

--via The Washington Times

Posted by Alois (mit mein Luger) 03/26/03



ONLY IN AMERICA, or American-occupied Iraq: A U.S. Marine helps to transport a wounded Iraqi soldier. Via Rachel Lucas--and I'd like to welcome surly Texan Rachel to our blogroll!


Posted by Alois 03/27/03


SADNESS. That's the best way to describe what I've been feeling lately, and I have figured out why. No, it isn't that brave young Americans and Britons are dying in the ugliness that is combat in Iraq; for them I feel a terrible, terrible pride and gratitude and a fervent wish that I could do something to pay them back (other than sit here and write this blog). Of course I am sad that this became necessary in the first place, but I know that because of the sacrifice of these troops the world will be a better place.

No, what saddens me is the behavior of many of my own countrymen. As a child of the Sixties/early Seventies, I have until very recently argued that much of what went on in those days of protest and rage was not only called for, it was necessary. That may still be so, but I'm losing the will to make this argument anymore with my fellow conservatives, many of whom never spent time as a long-haired freako who was tempted to burn his draft card (but didn't).

But now I see that there is a real divide that has grown between me and the old antiwar crowd. I did not become a conservative overnight; it was a process of accretion than probably began with my employment as a civilian nuke for the U.S. Navy and was undoubtedly strengthened by the death of my best friend, Scott Brotherston, in a freak accident while he served in the military. Several other friends had done hitches in Vietnam. By the time I reached my mid-twenties, I found myself voting for the occasional Republican out of a simple belief that the Republican was the best candidate (and this, from a guy who grew up in a family where voting anything but Democratic could get you shot). At 24 I married a Soviet emigre, and with this my conversion became complete. Through her I met Soviet dissidents, Israeli soldiers, and others who accelerated my education of what it meant to be American. And I realized how very, very deeply I loved my country--after all.

That is where I part company with the old peaceniks and their ilk--those who went "the other way." They DON'T love their country, and I'm going to come right out and say it. No, I don't believe that one must be conservative to be a patriotic American. But something has happened to the peacenik crowd. They've bought into a passel of brain rot that, to me, is downright incomprehensible. "Bush is Hitler"? "The Middle East crisis would be solved if the Jews would go back to Europe"? "Leave Saddam alone, we've supported worse dictators"???

These folks have become really nasty (read: seditious) lately, and I think I've figured out the reason why. It's their stock portfolios.

Now quit laughing and hear me out. We're talking about the left vanguard of the old Clintonite crowd, and a common theme they like to harp on is "how much BETTER" things were under Bill Clinton. "Better better better," they repeat it like it's a mantra, or a freakin' Babwa Stweizand song. Well, I've been probing "better," and here's what it means: 1) We weren't at war--at least, not most of the time; 2) The White House was "fun," we had Fleetwood Mac and the little Monica Lewinsky diversion and Whitewatergate and it was all like some funky Arkansas version of Camelot; 3) BOY, I MADE ONE FUCK OF A LOT OF MONEY IN THE STOCK MARKET!

That was then. This is now: 1) We're at war, and we probably will be for a long time; 2) The White House isn't fun, heck, I don't even think Dubya likes rock n' roll, isn't he into country? And I guess he doesn't cheat on his wife, even--sigh; 3) I LOST MY MONEY! WAAAAAAAAAAAH! NOW I'M NOT 'SET FOR LIFE' ANYMORE! I NEED A DEMOCRAT IN OFFICE WHO WILL GIMME MY MONEY BACK!

Where does America, or America's interests, fit into this scenario? You tell me. Other than my conservative friends, no one even discusses the war. It's like it's not even happening. My ex-wife reports the same thing on her front--she finds it eerie.

Because, you see, it's not about America anymore. It's all about me.

Posted by Alois (mit mein JDAM) 03/27/03


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February 2003