"FREE TIBET". Had a little discussion with Klaus over the weekend about something that seems increasingly odd to me:

Didja ever notice how many appeasenik vehicles feature, along with the ubiquitous NO IRAQ WAR! and GREENPEACE and I MISS JERRY bumper stickers, a smaller sticker with a kind of rising-sun motif that says, "Free Tibet"???

Now don't let's anybody get me wrong. I am ALL FOR "freeing Tibet," and I am as aware as anyone of how the Chinese regime has repressed the Lamaist Buddhists who make up much of the indigenous population.

But here's the little thing about freeing Tibet: Of course, to accomplish this admirable goal, we would have to go to war with China. Certainly even the most deluded peace-o must realize that China is about as likely to just "free Tibet" as Saddam was to let Hans Blix stumble upon any of his WMDs. So what option does that leave us? The same option that Saddam left us: war.

And here's one for the peace-o's to munch on: Could we defeat the Chinese Army in an all-out war? Probably--especially as we begin to study Operation Iraqi Freedom and marvel at the accomplishment and dedication of our beautifully-trained ground troops.

But even then, there would still be that nagging little probability of an all-out nuclear exchange with a nation whose nuclear arsenal rivals our own. Any winners there?


Hey, Alois will gladly support the right of any (terminally deluded) hawklike warmonger to display a "Free Tibet" sticker if said warmonger really believes that freeing Tibet is worth the sacrifice of thousands and thousands of our young men and women at best, and the complete annihilation of the human race at worst. But it galls me just a little bit to see a knee-jerk appeasenik pretending that s/he is interested in liberating ANY captive nation ANYWHERE. Why? Because as recent events have taught us, to actually accomplish this admirable goal almost always requires the use of military force.

Try to picture it: President Bush addresses the nation. In a grim, sober voice, he announces:

"Taking into account the passionate desire of many of my fellow citizens to see a free and independent Tibet, I have decided to take action. Tonight units of the United States First Infantry, backed by air and naval power, have begun their advance on the Peoples Republic of China..."

Can you see the peace-o's rejoicing, dancing around with their silk scarves and bootlegged Grateful Dead tapes?

Me either.