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RIP, Iggy. I love those big paws.


Thanks, Ev. And you're right, his paws were freaking HUGE. His vet called them "grizzly-bear paws." Everyone commented on them. The size of his paws was matched only by the size of his scary canine intellect. I once caught him trying to start my car; he had watched me for months and thought he had it figured out. I had left the key in the ignition and when I came out of the house, he had the key in his mouth and was trying to turn it. That scared the living hell out of me!


Alois, LOL!! I thought Klaus was joking!






I recognize that face- my boy is a great great grandson of Baldo vom Wolkenstein....
he is a hoot at almost 2 yrs. old.
My deepest sympathy...
My 12 yrs old white shepherd is declining fast and we are having her euthanized on Sunday morning at home.



Thanks for writing. Did you google Baldo's name and somehow wind up here?

I have three other dogs so I'm surviving. But Ig was one of a kind and I miss him badly.

Baldo's son lived right up the highway from me. He was Iggy's sire ("Zorro" died a couple of years ago). I understand that Baldo himself lived in Indiana in his later years and then choked on a Kong at the age of eight or nine. A great loss.

I'm sorry to hear about your white Shepherd, but glad the vet will come to your house. Iggy died in his sleep after spending only a day declining rapidly, so I was very fortunate.

Thanks again for posting.

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